Lease - Spec. Conditions

The following is inserted in part II of a RTA form 18 - lease:

A Handbook for Residents can be browsed at

It supplements and elaborates on the following Special Terms:

    • A Key Bond applies.

    • Refund is based on actual return of keys at end of lease (NB Lease does not end until keys and fobs returned.)

    • Remote transmitter fobs (current retail value $88 ) are part of inventory hence associated with Bond protocols not Key Bond

    • Weight limitation on heavy vehicles as well as a Height Limit (2050mm)

    • Tenants to abide by all by-laws & parking protocols. Key Condition “No imposition of peaceful enjoyment of others”

    • Remotes to be kept in good working condition

    • No animals on the premises

    • Any change to occupancy must be agreed to by the Manager. Non compliance = a serious breach

    • Smoking only permitted on balconies. A sanitisation fee applies for non compliance

    • Basement floor and external concrete aprons to be free of oil and other materials

    • Visitor car parking limited to one vehicle inside the complex; Car parking to be in designated spaces only

    • Tenants acknowledge that they are responsible for insuring their own possessions

    • Tenants are responsible for replacement of light bulbs and batteries for remotes – after Condition Report signed

    • Tenants agree to maintain their rental payments in advance at all times

    • Tenants agree to return the signed condition report within 3 days of occupancy

    • Damage to walls including pictures to be rectified at the tenants expense

    • Picture hooks only to be installed after written agreement from Management

    • Tenants acknowledge that routine inspections will be carried out by management

    • Utilities consumption (Water; electricity, phone) is the tenants responsibility

    • During a long term tenancy carpets to be professionally cleaned once per year

    • On departure carpets to be professionally cleaned at the tenants expense

    • On departure unit is to be cleaned to a professional standard. Management is the judge of this standard and needs a sufficient time allowed for carpet cleaning to follow.

    • Touching, tampering or interfering in any way with common property appurtances eg pool Kreepy Krauly is a breach.

    • Phone installation is a tenant responsibility – refer to RTA website – use Search function