ID Requirements

Prospective tenants need to provide personal identification up to the value of 100 points.

To reach this total, you can choose from any of the following:

Group A

Each document is worth 70 points

    • A fully certified birth certificate (or copy certified by a Justice of the Peace)

    • A current passport

    • An Australian citizenship certificate.

Group B

Each document is worth 40 points

(preferably containing a photograph of the applicant)

    • A current licence or permit issued under Australian law, eg. Driver's licence

    • Identification issued by Government authorities eg. one of the following

    • Public Service employee identification

    • Evidence of your entitlement to financial benefits or other entitlements from the Commonwealth or a State or Territory Government

    • A student identification card issued by an Australian educational institution

    • A statement from your employer or an acceptable referee verifying your identity and certifying that they have known you by your name for at least twelve months. (Preferably with a photograph of you signed by the employer or referee).

Group C

Each document is worth 25 points

    • A valid visa - if just recently arrived in the country

    • Official correspondence addressed to you such as a public utility account (eg. gas, water, electricity), council rates, bank statement or similar

    • Bankcard, Visa or other credit card

    • Any other document which in the opinion of the person to whom it is produced, provides similar verification of the applicant's identity.