Special Conditions

The following is inserted in part II of a RTA form 18 - lease and is subject to change:

"A Handbook for Residents can be browsed at www.mymajesticpalms.com

It supplements and elaborates on the following Special Terms:

1. Remote transmitter fobs (current retail value $50) part of inventory and to be kept in good working condition

2. Height Limit of basement (2050mm) Tenant not to exceed

3. Tenants to abide by all by-laws & protocols. Prime Condition “No imposition of peaceful enjoyment of others”

4. No animals on the premises

5. Any change to occupancy must be agreed to by the Manager

6. Smoking only permitted on balconies. A sanitisation fee applies for non compliance

7. If you lock yourself out of your unit there is a $35 call out fee during business hours or $65 outside of business hours should you require management to let you back in. This fee is only payable if management is not on site.

8. Visitor car parking limited to one vehicle. Car parking to be in designated spaces only. No parking on Hesp St.

9. Tenants acknowledge that they are responsible for insuring their own possessions

10. Tenants are responsible for replacement of light bulbs and batteries for remote controls. In regards to the dishwasher Tenants agree to clean filters frequently (located under the pull out tray in the bottom, turn cylinder and pull gently) and 2 cylindrical steel mesh filters need to be cleaned along with the triangular mesh plate.

11. Tenants agree to pay their rental payments at least 7 days in advance at all times

12. Tenants agree to return the signed Entry condition report within 3 days of occupancy

13. Damage to walls including pictures to be rectified at the tenants expense. Picture hooks only to be installed after written agreement from Management

14. Tenants acknowledge and agree that all notices, communication and RTA forms will be sent via email

15. Utilities consumption (Water; electricity, phone) is the tenants responsibility to pay for. WATER SHUT OFF VALVE IS OUTSIDE (next to front door in brown cabinet)

16. On departure carpets are to be professionally cleaned at the tenants expense. The unit is to be cleaned to a professional standard. Management are the judge of this standard and if you feel that you can not clean to a professional standard you may pay for commercial bond cleaner.

17. OPTIONAL INTERNET ACCESS – Tenants have a data port in the main room. They can use a cable plugged into their laptop/pc or they can purchase a wireless access point (router) to plug into the wall socket. For security they should setup a password to the wireless access point otherwise their traffic may be visible to others in the immediate area. For wireless access you will need to provide a wireless router (not modem) Seek advice from Management on set-up as this can render all units inoperable. WAN/Internet socket on modem into wall then LAN socket into PC at all times. NOTE: The Majestic Palms internet connection does not form part of the lease and rent agreement. As with any internet it is subject to technical difficulties from time to time. The monthly charge is subject to price increases if management deem it.

18. The tenant agrees and understands that the lease is a legally binding document. In the event the tenant vacates the property prior to the expiry of the lease, rent is still due and payable until a replacement tenant is found and have been accepted by the letting agent/landlord. The incoming/replacement tenant must either take over the existing lease term or sign a new lease for an amount not less than the original rent amount. The tenant hereby agrees to pay one (1) weeks rent + GST and advertising costs of $99 inc gst in the event of a lease break