Privacy Policy

Privacy Act - Corporate Statement

This statement is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the application of the National Privacy Principals therein.

It sets out the policies of management at Majestic Palms ( hereafter referred to as "we") for managing personal information collected by management in any transaction or potential transaction you may have with the company.

Types of personal information we collect

When we collect information, only that which is necessary to perform our functions is collected.

This may include but not be limited to the Caretaking and Letting management of our estate.

Why we collect personal information

Generally, we collect, update and use personal information about you to carry on our business, including:

  • Leasing and management of properties including payment of creditors and landlords through electronic payment system

  • Processing of tenancy applications including confirmation of identity, assessment of ability to meet rental payments and take appropriate care of a property during a tenancy.

  • Establishment of rent payment services when you become a tenant - eg B-Pay or such other services as may be utilised by us from time to timeĀ·

  • Contact of next-of-kin in an emergency situation Research and development of new products and service

  • Training and quality control processes

  • Positive identification and verification purposes when communicating with you over the telephone

  • Communication of a related company's or a third party's marketing offers to you and/or other parties nominated on forms completed by us for you.

  • To meet our legal obligations, eg in accordance with legislation.

How we collect information

Generally we collect personal information directly from you, such as when you apply for a product or service. We also access and / or purchase information available on commercial databases which is used in Processing of Tenancy Applications and Marketing of our services.

Disclosure of your personal information

As stated above information is collected for a variety of purposes.

In fulfilling the duties and obligations associated with these uses it is sometimes necessary to disclose your data to a third party, eg a maintenance contractor building inspector or valuer engaged to perform work on the property. If you are a tenant and you default on your tenancy agreement, then the information may also be disclosed to a Tenancy Database for use by any other member agent. When information is disclosed to any other party it is done in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act and other legislative requirements which may exist at the time.

Direct Marketing

From time to time we use information supplied to us by commercial database companies for marketing our company services. This is done in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. Prospective clients and customers are given the opportunity to be excluded from any marketing activities and can elect not to receive specific and direct marketing communication from us.

Access to and correction of your personal information

Anyone who has provided personal information to us may access this information and provide corrections to it if appropriate. This will carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy legislation. If your personal details change, such as your telephone number, address, please contact us so that we can continue to provide you with our products and services

If you have a complaint about privacy

Should you have a complaint that relates to how we have collected or used the information you have provided, we would like the opportunity to remedy the situation. To lodge a complaint please contact us at the address below. About this Privacy Policy Statement

From time to time our Privacy Policy Statement may be updated.

The latest version will be available on our

It may also be obtained at our office by contacting us at our stated address.

Use of Collection Notices

The purpose of a "collection notice" is to give specific information re the collection, use and disclosure of information collected for a particular reason. The necessity to provide a collection notice on a form or document is based on the extent to which it is clear from the form the purpose of the collection. For example, the information collected for a contract of sale is clearly used for a particular purpose, ie to execute the contract. If, however, the information is put to some further use or is disclosed to another party for a reason that might not be obvious then a collection notice should be included.

Again the necessity for a collection notice on a listing agreement / Appointment form is based on the uses of the information collected in the document.

Some examples of possible Collection Notices:

Appointment to Act - Managing Agent

Privacy Act 1988 Collection Notice

The Agent uses personal information collected from the client/s to act as the client/s agent and to perform their obligations under this agreement. The Agent may also use such information collected to promote the services of the Agent and/or seek potential clients. The Agent may disclose information to other parties including media organizations, on the internet, to potential customers, or to clients of the Agent both existing and potential, as well as trades people, bodies corporate, government and statutory bodies, and to third parties as required by law.

The Agent will only disclose information in this way to other parties as required to perform their duties under this agreement, to achieve the purposes specified above or as otherwise allowed under the Privacy Act 1988.

If the client/s would like to access this information, they can do so by contacting the Agent at the address and contact numbers contained in this agreement. The client/s can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.

Real Estate and tax law requires some of this information to be collected. If the information is not provided, the Agent may not be able to act effectively on the client/s behalf or at all.

Applications for Tenancy

Privacy Act 1988 - Collection Notice

The personal information the prospective lessee/tenant provides in this application or collected from other sources is necessary for the Agent to verify the applicant's identity, to process and evaluate the application and to manage the tenancy. Personal information collected about the applicant in this application and during the course of the tenancy if the application is successful may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including the lessor/s, referees, other agents and third party operators of tenancy reference databases. Information already held on tenancy reference databases may also be disclosed to the Agent and/or Lessor. If the applicant enters into a Residential Tenancy Agreement, and if the applicant fails to comply with their obligations under that agreement, that fact and other relevant personal information collected about the applicant during the course of the tenancy may also be disclosed to the lessor, third party operators of tenancy reference databases and/or other agents.

If the applicant would like access to the personal information the Agent holds, this can be done so by contacting

Majestic Palms

521-525 Varley Street

Yorkeys Knob Q 4878

Tel 0414 835128

The applicant can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.

If the information is not provided, the Agent may not be able to process the application and manage the tenancy.

Open Inspections

This notice could be included on the property's flyer/brochure or as a separate notice provided whenever personal details, eg name and phone number, are collected from people attending open inspections.

NB: Specific consent should be obtained to use information collected for any purposes unrelated to the primary purpose of collection. If, for example, name and contact details are collected for security purposes, specific consent should be sought to use those details for marketing. This consent can be verbal, but must be informed and voluntary. It would be prudent to record the fact that each individual has in fact consented to the secondary unrelated use

Privacy Act 1988 - Collection Notice

We use personal information collected from you during the open inspections for security purposes. We may also use that information to contact you with respect to this property and others which we believe may interest you and in providing the information you agree to this use unless you advise us differently. If the information is not provided, we may not be able to provide an effective service to you. Other than in the circumstances allowed under the Privacy Act 1988, we do not disclose information of this kind to other parties. If you would like to contact us or access the information you can do so by contacting us at (address/phone/fax/email).

You can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date.