Complaint Procedure

Procedure for Handling Complaints

The manager of MajesticPalms has successfully completed the requirements set down in the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000 by the Office of Fair Trading.

The manager holds a licence under that Act in which there are guidelines, regulations and a code of conduct.

The code deals with complaints.

The Procedure

    1. Most complaints and concerns can be resolved verbally with the manager.

    2. Please advise the manager that you wish to discuss a problem and the manager will arrange a suitable time to meet with you.

    3. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved in discussion, you may advise the manager that you are not satisfied.

    4. You should then provide written details of your complaint to the manager who will provide a written response within seven days of receiving your written complaint.

    5. Most likely, the matter will have been resolved by this process.

    6. If financial restitution is involved, the restitution will be made within seven days of your acceptance of the resolution.

    7. If the manager rejects the complaint, the manager must give reasons for the rejection in the written response.

    8. Should you wish to pursue an unresolved problem further, you may refer to a peak body organisation such as Queensland Resident Accommodation Managers Association or REIQ

    9. Should this process not be acceptable or suitable, alternative available steps are described in Section 38 (8) of the Code of Conduct for Restricted Letting Agents, copies of which are available from the GoPrint or at