Resident's Handbook


The content has special application for tenants in our Rental Pool.

It provides a detailed explanation of issues dealing with:

The Search Function (above) will assist in points of clarification, procedural or policy issue.

The Handbook is offered in the interests of the peaceful enjoyment of all stakeholders both inside and outside the complex.

Please take time to read it carefully.

Signing a Lease

When signing a General Tenancy Agreement (GTA), signatories indicate in Part 3 Special Conditions that they have read and understand the content and intent of this handbook - together with the relevant links.

These links elaborate and expand on "Living in the Complex".

The core message in the Handbook is: "compliance with the community's By Laws".

This is because the GTA states that a breach of the By Laws is a breach of the Lease.

Map of Complex

Click here for a map of the complex.Items in red refer to Fire Fighting Appliances and Assembly Point in the event of an Emergency.

There are six levels:

    1. Basement

    2. Ground

    3. First

    4. Second

    5. Third and

    6. Fourth

The lift buttons are marked B G 1 2 (four floors)

There are four blocks: North South East and West.

Lease; Rental and ID Protocols

The first step in renting at Majestic Palms is an Application.

See attachment section (bottom) for On Line Application.

Management has a duty of care to undertake character and financial checks on applicants.

The Privacy Act allows us to do so.

Click here for details on our Privacy Policy.

Please note that Proof of ID is required upon demand - there are exceptions.

Click here for an outline of our requirements.

A tip for aspiring applicants is to have all or the major part of this documentation ready.

There have been recent cases where the better prepared yet equally suitable applicant was selected on this basis.

Samples of Documentation

At the bottom of this page there are Samples of the documentation you have to sign prior to taking up a lease.

The following are general comments:

Bond Lodgement RTA Form 2

Entry Condition Report

RTA Form 1a


RTA Form 18a

See attachment below.

We do not favour Bond transferral nor Bond loan undertakings

All items are pre ticked as: Clean/Working/Undamaged.

The tenant should cross this out and provide comment if this is not the case.

The protocols concerning water consumption need careful reading.

The tenancy agreement must include:

    • Standard 'terms' Part 2 (details about what the tenant and the lessor/agent can and can't do)

    • See attachment below

    • the name and address of the tenant, and the agent or the lessor

    • the dates the agreement starts and ends (or state that the agreement is periodic)

    • details about how the tenant should pay the rent and how much rent is to be paid

    • our special terms (special terms do not conflict with the standard terms of the law).

The tenant is required to sign the agreement and return it within 5 days of receiving it.

The lessor/agent is then required to sign the agreement and return a copy to the tenant within 14 days.


It is a resident's responsibility to have utilities connected in the name of the occupant or approved sponsor.

Accounts are required to be finalised upon cessation of the lease.


      • Phone - Telstra 13 22 00

      • Internet - we offer wifi - no phone no contract; comparable prices

      • Power - Origin 13 24 63

      • Water (contact manager)

      • Austar or Select (contact manager)

As regards water, you return the Entry Condition Report which notes the water meter reading;

We make an Exit Reading and charge you at standards rates.

A small management fee may be applicable.

Water Consumption

End Users pay for water.

On your Condition Report you record the water mater reading.

This figure is stored for adjustment at the end of a lease.

The amount can be adjusted against the Bond.

Generally, the water meter is located on the ground floor in line with your premises.

You will see a (a) LED screen with a read and (b) a lever.

The dial measures usage based on water flow 1.000=1000 litres.

The lever shuts off water in case of an emergency.


Please attend to power connection asap.

You can do this by telephone.

Forgetful new tenants risk having their power cut off after the initial few days grace period when the power is still connected.

Power can be shut off at the Circuit Breaker Box.

This box is located on a wall inside the laundry area.

Occaisionally, an electrical appliance - air conditioner; oven; hot water will overload and a switch will trip to the "Down" position.

It is simply a matter of re setting it to the "Up" position.

If this continues to trip - see management.

If an occupant wishes to have an individual phone line, a User Pay principle applies (this advice is provided by the RTA).

Condition Report

Management submits an “Entry Condition Report - RTA Form 1a” .

This document lists the status of all furnishings & Fittings submitted for scrutiny on entry.

This form must be completed, signed and returned to the office no later than three (3) days of taking up occupancy.

Failure to do so may result in the rejection of damage not recognized by management as pre-existing.

It also delays a bond refund reconciliation because there has to be a final water meter reading - based on Point of Entry.

Behaviour, Visitors and Contractors

Only those included in an original application are permitted to reside permanently in the apartment.

If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, he/she must inform management so that an application can be processed.

Residents are responsible for the actions of visitors.

It is advisable to get in the habit of escorting visitors to and from the complex.

All delivery vehicles and contractors need to report to management.


Residents may be held responsible for any damage done to plants by themselves or their guests.


Majestic Palms is a peaceful, wonderful place to live so we ask that all our residents please respect the rights of neighbours to the peaceful enjoyment of their home when playing music, etc.

Residents do work shift hours; study in the early hours of the morning - so the excessive noise curfew is 24/7.

Also, please be considerate of your neighbours when coming or going late at night.


Smoking is permitted on balconies only, thanks.


In order to maintain the quality of appearance of the complex, no sheets, towels or any other items may be hung on the balconies at any time, for any reason.

Contact with Management

The on site manager is contactable by email, SMS or telephone.

Please contact for an appointment in the office

After hour calls must be for emergency only.

Mobile: 0414 835128


is available

Examples of a genuine emergency are:

      • an outage wherein you have no power or gas or water

      • risk of personal injury or damage to the premises

      • a suspected intruder

      • witnessing a breach of the by laws - eg unreasonable noise; inappropriate use of a recreational facility

Mail Correspondence

Your mailing address appears in the lease. That is:


Majestic Palms unit no. /521-525 Varley Street

Yorkeys Knob Q 4878

Please advise us if you do not clear your mail box on a regular basis.

Our preferred method of delivering prescribed notices is through the mail box system.

If you advise an email address we can usually provide a PDF service of a document that will assist you preparing for say an Entry Notice where 24 hours is the time frame.

If you need police attendance - dial 4055 7599 - Local Police Beat - Tee Street, Yorkeys Knob

Failing this, dial 4057 1900 (Police Smithfield)


Rent Must be Paid no later than the Due date

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your rent, it is in your best interest to contact management and discuss the situation.

Doing so may avoid the necessity for us to issue a Notice of Breach - or worse, a Notice to Leave.

Tenants will be required to pay rent directly to our Trust Account.



BSB: 034-158

Account: 317054

Account Name = Keiros pty Ltd

Management is a member of the Tenancy Information Centre Australia (TICA).

TICA has a database covering Australia and New Zealand on which are recorded details of persons who have failed to fulfill their lease obligations, be it failure to pay rent or other breaches.

Appearing on this database will almost certainly affect the ability to lease properties in the future.

We would therefore prefer to sort out any difficulties personally, rather than submit a negative report to TICA.

Change of Employment

For Health & Safety reasons, It is important that a lawful occupant notify us of any change in employment including a business hours telephone contact number.


Should a maintenance problem arise, we prefer you use the Request for Maintenance form.

You should save a copy - for your records.

Please be as specific as possible

This will help both us and or a tradesman identify the issue and possibly, provide an on the spot solution.

If email is not practical - please call in at Reception so that we can log the job in or Register.

We shall arrange to see to it as soon as possible.

We need to be advised as to a time during normal working hours when someone will be in attendance.

Alternatively, if approval is given we can enter and supervise the intervention.

Please note it is an occupational hazard that tradesmen are seldom on time.

It is a requirement of your lease that damage/accidents be reported immediately.

This will help to avoid any risk to you or your visitors and to minimize further damage to the property.

Any repairs or maintenance which YOU arrange outside normal office hours or without approval from the office will be at your expense unless it is proven to be a genuine emergency and all reasonable attempts to contact us have been unsuccessful.

End User Fees & Charges

Repairs and Maintenance are normally a charge to the landlord.

In cases of accidental or willful damage the end user is responsible for making good.

Replacement of consumables such as batteries, light globes is a tenant responsibility - if noted on the Condition Report we will supply.

End user charges include the penalty prescribed by the Queensland Fire & Rescue Services in the event of an Unwanted alarm activations are the activation of a fire system, where after investigation it is deemed the situation would not have resulted in any danger to the premises and occupants from fire.

Click here for indicative prices as to this range of costs.


Keys (Metal)

On arrival, the following accountable items are issued:

      1. Door keys (Up to two)

      2. Security Car Park Transmitter

      3. Letter Box Key (one)

      4. Access code to Pedestrian Gate entry points (Verbal)

      5. Cage lock - keyed to (i)

A Key Bond of $100 is required - to cover the cost of the above

Should any of these items be lost they have to be replaced at the occupant's expense.

In most cases this includes the cost of supply and installation of a new barrel for the front door of an apartment.

Lock Out

In the event that management can not arrange access, a local Locksmith can be contacted at your cost.

Note: There will be a $50 call out fee for management to give access.

Please also note that a lease does not formally cease until all accountable items are returned.

(Tenants recruited by Outside Agents have to make their own arrangements)

Pedestrian Access Gate

Location: see map for the three locations

This access code will be change periodically.

Please be judicious when passing on the code

Car Parking Storage & Speed Limit

All Units have a designated vehicle park allocation.

It is a breach of the by laws for this area to have oil stains.

See map re location of Visitor Parking bays.

The Visitors Car Park is restricted to Temporary Use by residents and their guests.

Temporary Use is defined as a 24 hour maximum time period.

A Speed Limit of 5 KMH in the visitors park and basement.Please, for the sake of neighbour's peace of mind reduce/maintain your speed on Hesp Street to this limit.

A noise restriction is also applicable.

Children are not permitted to use the basement or pathways as play areas.


Do not reverse drive - anywhere in the complex.

You or your guest might reverse into a fire hydrant.

As well as being responsible for damage to the Common Property you will be charge for the loss of water.

As well as the potential for damage to Common Property you risk major damage to your vehicle.

Check your third party insurance on your motor vehicle.

Sanitary/Waste Disposal

The front of any household is to be free of rubbish; patriotic flags; celebration bunting; party lights etc.

In the interests of health and to avoid unsavory smells and problems with pests, it is YOUR responsibility to ‘bag’ all rubbish securely.

See map for location of Garbage bin area.

Collection dates for waste are weekly - Tuesday mornings early.

Female sanitary products are NOT to be put down the toilet.


Sorry - No Pets.

Visible Uniformity

The complex projects a uniformness - which is a salient feature.

Residents are not permitted to place objects that interfere with this uniformity.

This includes:

      • flags/bunting

      • sculpture (small pots excluded)

(of course, space permitted, these are allowed in private courtyard away from public sight)



Consoles; Air Conditioning White Goods Other

Click on Image to download an appropriate manual

Residents are requested to familiarise themselves with the operations and use of such equipment.

Technicians are trained to detect instances of inappropriate use .

Subject to documentary evidence that an appliance has not been used in accordance with best practices, residents will be required to pay for repair/rectification.

A/C RemoteSee image (right) for details of Remote Control.

Click here for detailed instructions/explanation on specifications; operations; technology and special features such as Intelligent Eye Function.

(By detecting human movement in a room with its infrared sensor, Intelligent eye prevents wasted energy if, for example, you forget to turn off the air conditioner. When there is no movement, temperature is increased 2℃, resulting in Energy savings of up to 20%.)


It is suggested that to keep condensation to a minimum when using the clothes dryer, the light [and therefore the exhaust fan in the toilet is left on with the door open.

It is quite amazing how much difference this makes!


Please be mindful not to leave the vertical blinds drawn across the windows when they are open.

The breeze catches the blinds and will break the carriages at top which you will find expensive to replace.

Exit Protocols

Click here to download details. The core points:

    • Giving Notice

      • Under the terms of the Lease you are required to give 14 days notice in writing of your intention to vacate, either at the conclusion of the term of your Lease or at some time thereafter.

    • Forms are available from management.

    • Forwarding Address

      • In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Authority requirements, you must advise management of a forwarding address prior to vacating.

Breaking a Lease

Should it become essential for some reasons to break your Lease, please discuss it with us as soon as possible. This will help to minimize the cost to you.

As a broad guideline, a tenant breaking a Lease will be responsible for:

    • payment of rent for the remaining period of the Lease OR until a satisfactory replacement tenant is found and commences paying rent, whichever comes FIRST

    • the normal end of the lease obligations, including but not necessarily limited to: cleaning of your Unit to a standard acceptable to us; carpet cleaning and pest control as arranged by us; and

    • all re-letting and administrative costs (currently set at the equivalent of one week’s rent + gst) and advertising.

Security Bond - Due Process

Your bond is lodged with and held by the Rental Bond Authority, providing both you and your landlord a degree of protection.

An application for refund of your bond from the RTA will be authorised by this office ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE RETURNED THE KEYS AND AN INSPECTION IS CARRIED OUT.

In order to obtain a full refund the following matters will need your attention:

Cleaning of Unit; Most disputes which occur at the time residents vacate units relate to the standard of cleanliness.

We go to considerable lengths to ensure that all units are cleaned to a high standard before they are let, so it is in your interest to identify any cleaning problem

Cleaning Standards

Management reserves the right to determine cleaning standards.

With this in mind, a departing tenant needs to pay particular attention attend to locations and areas often overlooked.

Click here for specifics.


To protect the owner we require that you provide a reference number for the disconnection of power.

We also need your confirmation of a water consumption will begin bond refund action.

Given the above protocols please understand that bond refund action is not immediate.

Before you Move in

You will be expected to hand back your unit at the same level of cleanliness that it was upon you taking up occupancy.

The best guideline is to expect a good standard of cleanliness when you move in and recognize that we shall require a comparable standard when you move out.

Damage to Unit

Lookout for Damage

Other than for fair wear and tear, you will be responsible for the cost of repairing damage that occurred during your tenancy.


Removal attempts nearly always results in damage to the paintwork.

From experience we have found that patch painting in an attempt to cover damage, never works to an acceptable standard.

In most cases the minimum solution is to paint the entire facade.

Stain Guide Tips

Click here for tips at removing stains.

Health & Safety

Mutual Obligation

Under construction

Fire Alarm System.

Please note our system is classed as a Local System - it is not monitored back to the fire station.

Hence if you judge a potential problem you have to get to a telephone and dial 000

Be mndful there are three alerts:

      1. First you will hear a mechanical noise beep beep

      2. Then you will get a voice recorded message prepare to evacuate

      3. Then you will get the message - Evacuate !

Click here to view a Health and Safety Guide - It covers:

    • Location of Fire Fighting Appliances and their application;

    • Emergency evacuation procedures;

    • Health issues and insect outbreaks as well as

    • Personal security tips

In advance, we thank you for your cooperation and hope that you enjoy and have a peasant stay here at Majestic Palms.

Please rest assured that as managers, we are here to assist.

Complaint Procedure

Better Service ... better business

In our interest to serve, we are attentive to complaints.

There is, however an industry standard for the way complaints are handled.

For details - see immediately below