All units have wiring that is compliant for RJ45 socket connection to the internet via the office/reception infrastructure.

Until further notice, management provides a complimentary and secure internet service to selected residents.

This means that tenants do not need to:

    • Have a modem/router

    • Install and rent a telephone line

    • Enter into a contract with an ISP.

Internet access is monitored and users in breach of the Terms and Conditions may have access removed.

Traffic is shaped to avoid a single user saturating all available bandwidth.


    • At this stage, there are no gigabyte quotas however these may be introduced if users abuse the service.

    • Management reserves the right to withdrawal of this facility and or downgrading of this allowance can be without notice.

    • To preserve bandwidth, users on the system are restricted to a speed determined by management.

    • The speed will be sufficient for email and web browsing but not suitable for users of high end bandwidth peer to peer activity such as movie; video and U Tube downloading/uploading.

    • If you engage in continuous high bandwidth activity then it is suggested you get your own internet connection.

    • The Terms and Conditions are available here and are subject to change as required.