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Dishwasher Trouble

Possible Cause 
 What to Do
 Unit does not run
 Fuse Blown or the cirsuit breaker activated
 Replace fuse or resetciruit breaker.
Remove any other appliance sharing the same circuit with the washer.
  Power Supply is not turned on
  Water Pressure is low
 Drain pump does not  stop
 Suds in  the tub
 Stained tub interior
 Dishes not dried
 Dishes not clean
 Spot/film on glasses and flatware  
 Cloudiness on glassware
Yellow/brown film on inside surfaces 
 White film on inside surface
 Detergent dispeser lid wont close
 Detergent left in dispenser
 Black/gray marks on dishes
 Water remaining in bottom of tank
 Dishwasher leaks