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All rental interventions have hidden costs.  We are upfront and offer the following for you to compare these costs with competitors in the market.



Without air conditioning allow for $15 to 20 pw  for two people.  
Our Daikin inverter supplied units are reputed to be 30% more effecent than conventional a/cs.
Lights are either flouro or energy saving rating.


We provide ADSL broadband as complimentary to rent!! Usage conditions apply.
This service is in recognition that there is an impost involved with the Establishment Fee ($250 approx) associated with a line feed to a new complex. (see next)

Phone Installation/Connection Fees

Generally owners are prepared to re-imburse 50% of this Establishment Fee ($125)  in the form of rental relief rebate.
This does not apply to developer stock.  Please check this point before signing a lease.
The user pays for the Connection Fee (About $50.

Telstra phone line rental varies from about  $29 to $34 per month depending on nature of service.


Coles Supermarket offers an online service including delivery to the complex.  Legislation prohibits premium charging.  
This means the same price as you get in the actual supermarket..  Currently the Delivery charges are free.

Pay TV

The complex is set up for either (a) Select of (b) Austar TV.
It is a user pay system.  The total minimum cost for the latter  is $66 for one month only see their terms Terms and Conditions.


Use of the pool is free - as is the wifi in this area.