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Airconditioner Trouble

 Malfunction CauseTask 
 Unit Does not Start
 Power cut
 Wait for power to be restored
 Unit may have become unplugged
 Check - particularly outside power point
 Fuse may have blown
 Replace the fuse
 Batttery in Remote controller may be dead Replace the battery
 The time you have set with the timer is incorrect Wait; or cancel Timer Setting
 Unit not cooling/heating room sufficiently well 
- when air flow from unit
 Inappropriate temperature setting
 Set temperature correctly
For detailed method refer to "using remote control" section
 Air filter is blocked
 Clean the air filter
 Doors or windows are open
 Clean the air filter
 Air inlet or outlet of indoor unit has been blocked
 Clear obstructions away first, then restart unit
 Compressor 3 minuteprotection has been activated
 Stop the air conditioner immediately if one of the following faults occurs:Disconnect the power and contact management
 OPERATION indicator or other indicators flash rapidly (5 times every second) and this flash can not be rebooted by disconnecting the power and then reconnection
 Fuse blows frequently or circuit breaker trips frequently
 Other objects or water penetrates the air conditioner
 The remote controler does not work or works erratically
 Other abnormal situations
Operational Tips
Under Construction